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Workers’ Compensation

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Tulsa Workers’ Comp Lawyers

If you are injured on the job, Oklahoma law will cover you under the Workers’ Compensation Act most of the time. Most injuries fall into one of two categories: single event or cumulative trauma / exposure.

Single Event Injuries
These are the types of injuries most of us think about when we think about a workers’ compensation injury. You lift something heavy at work and feel an immediate onset of back pain. You are struck by a forklift and fracture a leg. You slip in the parking lot at work and rupture a disk, requiring surgery. This also includes burn(disfigurement) claims.

Cumulative Trauma / Repetitive Trauma Injuries
These are quite common but can also be somewhat sneaky because they develop over a period of time, often months or years. Examples of these types of injuries would include an assembly line worker who uses an impact wrench. Another would be a data entry or customer service representative who develops tingling or numbness in the hands or wrists. Hearing loss and chemical exposure claims that cause permanent damage to the lungs or nervous system often fall into this category.

Employers often fight these kinds of cases because they are quite often not reported right away. They may suspect you developed the condition somewhere else. You need an attorney who understands the system, the medicine, and your rights, and who will fight for you!
In some cases, you can bring a separate claim against whoever caused your injury. For example, if you were injured as a car wreck while on the job, you may have BOTH a workers’ compensation claim and a claim against the other driver.

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