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Tulsa Social Security Disability Lawyers

Are you facing the challenging maze of Social Security Disability Administration rules and regulations? You’re not alone. The path to securing the benefits you deserve can be overwhelming, but Elias & Elias Law Firm is here to simplify the journey for you.

Understanding Social Security Eligibility

The Social Security Disability Administration maintains stringent criteria for individuals seeking disability benefits. To qualify, you must meet the following conditions:

Inability to Work: Your physical or mental disability should prevent you from engaging in substantial gainful activity (working and earning a paycheck) for an extended period, typically lasting 12 continuous months or ending in death.

Impairment: Your disability must significantly limit your ability to perform work. This determination relies on medical opinions and examinations by both your doctor and SSA doctors.

Medical Eligibility: Your medical records will be assessed to see if your disability matches any of the listed impairments.

Previous Employment: If you can still perform your previous job, your claim may be denied. An SSA doctor will evaluate your capabilities and work capacity.

Work Capacity: Assuming you pass the previous steps, SSA will assess if you can perform any other type of employment, considering factors like age, work history, education, and gender.

Simplified Eligibility for Older Individuals

Age can significantly impact your eligibility for disability benefits. SSA has made it more accessible for older individuals to qualify:

Between ages 40 and 49: Approximately a 42% approval rate.
Ages 50-54: A 49% approval rate.
Ages 55-59: A 57% approval rate.
Ages 60-65: The highest approval rate at 62%.
How Elias & Elias Can Help

Navigating the SSA’s intricate process can be daunting, which is why Elias & Elias is here to assist you every step of the way. Our experienced legal team is dedicated to increasing your chances of success and making the process less overwhelming.

We offer comprehensive assistance:

Filing Your Claim: We’ll help you initiate your claim accurately.

Gathering Medical Evidence: We’ll compile compelling medical evidence to demonstrate the extent of your disability.

Appeals Process: We’ll guide you through each step of the appeals process.

Representation: If your claim is denied, we’ll provide experienced representation during the appeals process.

Disability Hearing Preparation: We’ll prepare you thoroughly for your disability hearing before an Administrative Law Judge.

Further Appeals: If necessary, we’ll appeal the ALJ’s decision to the District or Administrative courts.

This overview simplifies the complexity of the SSA’s procedures. Rest assured, you can count on Elias & Elias for a no-obligation analysis of your situation. Remember, we only get paid if we successfully help you obtain the benefits you deserve.

Your journey to Social Security disability benefits begins with Elias & Elias Law Firm. Contact us today to take the first step towards securing your future.

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