Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Oklahoma

Insurance Companies can be difficult to deal with at times. We understand Oklahoma Laws.

Insurance Bad Faith

  • Insurance matters can be complicated or sometimes insurance companies want to make it that way.
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Insurance Bad Faith Lawyers Oklahoma

Most people today have insurance of some kind, whether it is health insurance, life insurance, car insurance or homeowner’s insurance. The insurance coverage is supposed to protect people against the cost of unexpected events such as hospital bills, car accidents, the death of a family breadwinner and being sued. Unfortunately, problems often arise with insurance coverage and claims. Tulsa attorney Herb Elias fights for clients so they can obtain the benefits they need and deserve.

Helping Resolve Complex Insurance Disputes
Insurance matters can be complicated or sometimes insurance companies want to make it that way. Insurance companies are often large national corporations with very deep pockets whose goal is to pay you, at best, the least amount of money possible to make you go away. If you have had a claim denied, or if you are experiencing other problems with your insurance coverage, it is important to have legal representation that will not be intimidated by attorneys representing the insurer. Attorney Herb Elias to litigating insurance matters for all clients; ordinary people, small businesses and the little guys of the world. We are on your side.

Insurance Coverage, Business Litigation and Personal Injury
Our firm handles disputes with all types of insurance coverage, including employee benefits covered by ERISA (Employee Retirement Income Security Act), medical insurance and virtually any other type of insurance. In addition, we handle cases dealing with liability insurance, homeowners coverage, business litigation, expert witness testimony, personal injury representation and consumer law matters. Our focus is on helping clients get the best results possible when they face complex or simple legal disputes. Since 1990, our law firm has been fighting for consumers, those that have been wronged and mistreated and those whom the insurance company has tried to take advantage of. Our involvement includes representation, litigation, appeals and proceedings involving ERISA.

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