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Finding Legal Counsel After an Auto Accident

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Experienced Auto Accident Litigation

As a auto accident attorney in Tulsa and across Oklahoma for over 35 years, Elias & Elias have seen the devastating effects auto accidents can have not just on the individuals involved, but on their entire families; And not just in the form of physical injuries and death, but emotional distress, lost time at work, lower quality of life, and more.

Insurance Companies Are Not Always Your Friends

Insurance companies, as a general rule, will discourage you from contacting a car accident attorney when you are involved in a collision. The company’s argument will be that you do not need an attorney, that they will treat you fairly, and that you will have to pay the attorney a fee if you retain one. It is important to understand that insurance companies are interested only in the company’s financial well-being. You are not the company’s primary consideration — money is. To obtain what you are entitled to, the advice of an experienced Tulsa auto accident lawyer is necessary.

We Fight A Good Fight For YOU!

At Elias & Elias our firm is backed with more then 65 years of combined experience. Since our founding, we have handled hundreds of severe car accidents and personal injury cases. Our Tulsa auto accident attorneys have a reputation for compassionate care and exceptional representation. The quality of our representation is evidenced by the large verdicts and settlements we are able to achieve, even when going up against large insurance companies or other organizations.


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