Proposal to Require Greater Public Scrutiny of Oklahoma Judges

Greater voter involvement in the selection and continued service of judges is the basis of two Oklahoma judicial reform measures that have sparked debate in state legislature. Both measures passed in the Senate Judiciary Committee and are expected to face a vote in the full legislative body.

Supreme Court and Appellate Judges at Center of Issue
One constitutional amendment would require judges serving on the Oklahoma Supreme Court and on lower appeals courts to be selected in partisan elections. The other measure would raise the vote requirement to keep a judge on the bench from a simple majority to 60 percent.

Both Sides Address Issue
Supporters insist that such a system would shift the balance of power back to the people. However, critics claim that such changes could lead to greater outside influence in judicial matters. You can learn more about these and other Oklahoma judicial reform measures at the office of Elias & Elias, Attorneys at Law. We can also help you address any legal matter that directly affects you or your family.

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