Workers Compensation

Workers’ compensation exists to help take care of employees when they are hurt at work. Generally, fault is not important in these situations — if you were hurt in performing your job duties, workers’ compensation will take care of your medical bills and pay a portion of your lost wages.

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Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), six million car collisions occur in the United States annually, averaging one accident every 10 seconds. These accidents lead to three million injuries every year. Two-thirds of which are permanent injuries. Elias & Elias helps to recover all your losses.

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Dog Bite Injuries

Each day, about 1,000 U.S. citizens require emergency care treatment for dog bite injury. 86% of attacks that induce bodily harm. 81% of attacks to children. 89% of attack to adults. 76% of attacks that result in fatalities. 86% that result in maiming. Embody 9.2%+ of the total dog population.

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Personal Injury

Have you been injured due to the negligence of another party? Are you struggling to cover the costs of your medical treatment and other resultant expenses? You should not have to pay for someone else’s mistake. You may pursue the recovery of damages by filing a personal injury lawsuit.

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Truck Accidents

Truck accidents are serious. They can cause immense damage to other cars and property, and they can hurt, maim, or even kill those involved in an instant. Also, while we’re all aware of this fact in the back of our minds, it’s difficult to truly understand the gravity of 18 wheeler accidents unless you’ve been involved in one yourself.

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Wrongful Death

If your loved one has died in an accident that was caused by the negligent and/or reckless actions of another party, then you have a valid wrongful death claim. A wide variety of circumstances can form the basis of a wrongful death claim.

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